Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Fire Stick Remote Not Working, How To Fix?

The remotes that Amazon media streaming devices, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick use are a lot different from any of the other devices in your household. And since you haven’t had enough experience with these remotes, it is understandable if you struggle navigating to the source of the problems when Fire Stick remote not working.


There are a lot of reasons why your Fire Stick remote may not work. There is no way to put your finder to one point to say what caused a particular problem with the remote at any given time. Instead, there are a set of remote related issues that can be causing the problem. Whenever you face a problem with your Amazon fire stick remote, you have to go through these issues to identify and resolve the problem.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working
Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Here is what you need to do:

Batteries: The Fire Stick remote with Alexa voice search feature is, understandably, a monster when it comes to battery consumption. Therefore, the first thing you should try is changing the batteries. Used up batteries causing issues with the remote is the most common issue with the Fire Stick. Also, clean the battery compartment before you insert the new batteries properly, in order to make sure there is no battery leakage covering the wires.

Pairing: Some issues with the Fire Stick and remote can unpaired your remote with the device. You won’t be able to use your remote if it is not paired with your Fire Stick. So, in case your remote has unpaired from your device, you need to pair it. Simply, Turn on Fire Stick. Press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote for at least 10 seconds near the device. Release the button and check if the remote has paired. If the remote hasn’t paired, try again, sometimes it can take several attempts.

Compatibility: In case you have purchased a replacement remote for your Fire Stick device but fire stick doesn’t work, make sure the new remote is compatible with your device. There are several generations of the Fire media streaming devices, not all of them work interchangeably. If you have bought an incompatible remote, you can simply use the Fire TV Phone App. The application allows you to use your smart phone as a replacement.

Some other issues include damage, distance and obstruction. If the Amazon fire TV Remote is not working, it could be because the remote is broken or damaged, or that the remote is too far away to transmit the instructions or something may be blocking the line of sight between your Fire Stick and remote.

Amazon Fire TV Stick has one of the most advanced remotes, with the Alexa voice search. As advanced as it is, the device faces some problems from time to time. If your Fire Stick remote is not working, there are a lot of things you can do. There are a lot of reasons your remote may not be working. You have to identify the issue and fix it.

Here are instructions to navigate through the potential issues with the device:

Batteries:- One of the most common reasons your Fire Stick remotes may not work is battery. The Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, thanks to the Alexa virtual assistant, is a monster when it comes to battery consumption. If you are having a problem with the remote, you should try changing the batteries.

Simply open the battery compartment, remove the batteries, make sure there is no battery leakage. If there is, clean the compartment and wires with a piece of cloth. Then, properly insert the batteries.

Pairing:- To use your Fire Stick remote, you need to pair it with the Fire Stick. The Fire Stick remote will not work until it is connected to the device. Even if you have bought a new replacement remote, you need to pair it with the device. Here’s how you can pair your remote with the device.

  • Turn on Fire Stick
  • Hold your remote close to the Fire Stick
  • Press and hold Home button on your remote for at least 10 seconds
  • Release the Home button

Check to see if the remote works, if it does not, try again. It can take up to several attempts to pair the remote with Fire Stick.

Distance:- The Amazon Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth, instead of infrared. So, while you can point your remote in any direction, you need to be within 30 feet of the device to do so. Not to mention, often the actual range is even lower than the one advertised.

Obstructions:- This may come as a shock to you, but even though the Amazon Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth, you should avoid objects obstructing the remote’s direct line of sight to the device. Obstructions can drastically reduce the Bluetooth range.

Interference:- If you have a lot of Bluetooth devices around, it can interfere with your Fire TV Stick remote. Other things that may interfere with Bluetooth connections can also cause functioning failure for your remote.

Compatibility:- If you are not using the remote that came with the device, there is a possibility that the device is not compatible. If it is not a battery, pairing, distance or obstruction issue, the only other possibilities are either an incompatible remote or a damaged one. If you have recently bought a remote for your Fire Stick, check to see if the remote is compatible.

In case the remote is compatible but does not work, then it must be damaged external damage. It can either be water damage or internal faults. You need to replace the remote. You can also download the Amazon Fire TV application and use your smartphone as your remote for the time being.

How to Fix It When the Amazon Fire TV Remote is Not Working

Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working
Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working

Heading out for options and menus on your Amazon Fire TV is just utilizing the remote of the Fire TV. However, in case the remote grows an issue, it becomes hard to input guide into the Fire TV device. In fact, the module itself doesn’t feature any particular button for it.

Troubleshooting Amazon Fire Stick remote not working issue is not that tough. You can simply get rid of the issue by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Hold the Home button
Hold the Home button on your remote for around 10 seconds. After this, sit tight for two or three minutes previously attempting to utilize the remote once more. This will re-introduce the Bluetooth association with the Fire TV module and begin your remote. If there were any glitches in the association, restarting will settle the issue.

2. Check the battery
Open the battery cover at the back of your remote. Take the batteries out and supplant them with another set. Close the top once more. One of the principle reasons the Fire TV Remote may not work is the batteries may be dead. If that is the situation, the issue ought to be settled.

If your batteries are genuinely new, open the back top and take them out. Have a go at changing their positions, and set them back in. If the batteries were not situated or associated appropriately, your Fire TV remote will begin working at this point.

3. Power cycle
Unplug the power association with your Fire TV module. To do this, evacuate the USB association that is fueling the module. If there is an issue in framework design, persuasively re-beginning your Fire TV ought to eradicate the transitory memory and information log, along these lines beginning a new Bluetooth association with the remote.

Your Fire TV remote must be fully operational at this point.

Fire Stick Remote Not Working Troubleshooting Steps

The Fire Stick device comes with a remote which is slightly different from all other remotes available in your house. Since this remote is not similar like the all other remotes you are possibly used to, finding out why your Fire Stick remote stopped functioning suddenly can be troublesome.

Steps to Follow To Fix Fire Stick Remote Not Working Issue

There are many things which can lead a Fire Stick remote to stop functioning or prevent it from working ever in the first place. The most common problems incorporate obstructions which block the signal from your remote, issues with the batteries, and interruption from other devices.

Here are the potential steps to follow to solve the issues if your Fire Stick is not working:

  1. Fix battery issues – Sometimes your Fire Stick remote stops working due to battery issues. The possibilities include low battery charge, improperly inserted battery, or other problems. You should charge the battery on time. And if it is not working anymore, replace it and buy a new one.
  2. Pair your remote with Fire Stick – The Fire Stick remote won’t work if it’s not paired with Fire Stick. When you are purchasing a replacement remote, don’t forget to pair it with your Fire Stick device before using.
  3. Fix obstruction or distance issues – Since your Fire Stick uses Bluetooth rather than infrared, you should keep it in a theoretical range of nearly 30ft. Every obstruction between your Fire Stick and remote can highly eliminate the remote’s range. So, check out whether it is your problem.
  4. Use Fire TV phone app – If you have tried the aforementioned steps and still the remote is not working, maybe it has been damaged. The best option is purchasing a replacement remote. Meanwhile, you can use your iOS or Android app as a remote for your Fire Stick device.