Amazon Fire Stick remote not working

Fire Stick Remote Not Working: Best Solution is Here

Here, through this article, I am going to describe to you what you can do, or what you should do if your Fire Stick remote not working. Here you will get the answer to some of the very important questions like as

  1. “Why is your Amazon Fire TV remote not working?”
  2. Methods to solve the Firestick remote not working
  3. What is the alternative you have if your Amazon Firestick remote not working?

Let’s have a look at all these topics one by one.

Reasons for Amazon Fire Stick remote not working

Amazon Fire Stick remote not working
Amazon Fire Stick remote not working

There may be various reasons for Amazon Fire Stick remote not working. I am enlisting some of the reasons here that are responsible for Amazon Fire TV remote not working.

  1. You may be using the incompatible Fire Stick remote with your Fire Stick device. :-

Not every remote is made to work with every Fire Stick. Compatibility is the most important factor to be considered while buying the Fire Stick remote. It is just the same as “Only some specific type of ladies may deserve you as a husband. You may like some type of girls, but at the same time, you may not like some other type of girls”. If you marry a girl who is not compatible with you then you can never feel better in life again, similarly, if you use an incompatible pair of Fire Stick remote and the Fire Stick, then your remote may be affected by fire stick not working issue. So, you are always advised to use the best compatible fire stick remote.

  1. If the battery is not fine enough to work with the Fire Stick then also, your Fire Stick remote would not work as expected. :-

As we human being gets energy from food items, and without energy or with low energy we just feel unable to work, similarly, the battery operated electronic devices get energy from the battery, and if the battery is not powerful enough to supply a sufficient amount of energy, or if the battery can not supply the energy for the desired period of time, then also, you may face the issue “Fire TV remote not working”.

  1. Your Fire Stick remote won’t work also if the remote is not paired with the Fire Stick. :-

Hoping the unpaired Fire Stick remote to work with your Fire Stick, is as same as you are dreaming to marry a girl who doesn’t even know what you think of her. As to marry her you need to propose him, the same way if you want your Fire Stick to work fine, then you should first ensure that your Fire Stick remote is paired with the Fire Stick. If you find that the Fire TV remote is not paired with the Fire Stick, then you can pair them by following the methods as mentioned below.

You just need to press and hold the “Home button” for about 10 to 20 seconds, and you are done. You must remember that the excess number of Bluetooth connectivity that a Fire Stick remote can make a connection with, at a time is 7. So, if you found this number exceeded, you must delete some of them.

  1. Physical Damage:-

Physical Damage is the most common accident that usually occurs with all such handy devices like your phone, normal TV remote, game controller etc. Fire Stick remote is also a handy device thus it is very normal for it to get some physical damage accidentally or with the excess of its usage.

So if your Fire Stick remote is not working then you should check the possible physical damage that your Fire Stick remote may have got.

  1. The broken metallic strip present in Fire Stick may also be the reason why Fire TV stick remote not working:-

It’s a common sense that every battery operated device has a metallic strip that connects that device with the battery so as to make the route for the power supply through which the charged battery may supply the power to the device. You may call this metallic strip “A road constructor” or the “Pathway constructor”. If this constructor or the so-called metallic is broken or if it is not working fine, then the Amazon Fire Stick remote not the working problem may be waiting for you to make you irritated.

  1. Excess of Bluetooth connectivity:-

Sometimes you may face the situation where the Fire Stick remote is detecting all the Bluetooth connectivity but not yours. It may be due to an excess of Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. Anonymous Reasons:-

Sometimes you come to the situation where you don’t know the reason why your Fire Stick remote is not working or working slow. You may have checked every possible reason for the problem to occur, but you could not come to the conclusion.  It is the most dangerous enemy in the technical world that every “Tech Savvy” hates to face because here you don’t know anything about the enemy that you fighting with, or that who is making the things troublesome for you.

  1. The imperfect distance between the Fire Stick remote and the Fire Stick:-

If you are far away from your beloved or your wife or the life partner then you may feel that the love between you and her may get down to an extent, or even you may lose her for always. Similarly, if your Fire Stick remote is too far from the Fire Stick then also your Fire Stick won’t connect to wifi or won’t work. So you must ensure not to cross the recommended distance limit.

  1. Duplicate product. :-

Today China has developed duplicate copies of almost every product that we use today, whether it’s a branded android phone, laptop or any other thing. The thing gets worsted if the seller sells you the product with hiding the fact that the product is a clone but not the original one. These clone products are very similar to the original one, and you can’t find the difference in one go. Though there is some very minute difference that can tell you the truth. It has come to my knowledge that there are some duplicate copies of Amazon Fire Stick remote is being sold in the market. So, it was necessary to cover this point here. Using such clone remote may though work for your Fire Stick initially, but later on, you may face problem while using it.

  1. If you are using the outdated version of the software then also, your Fire Stick remote may stop working or the remote may be working slow:-

As we human being loses our values if we don’t upgrade ourselves with the changing world that is being developed regularly. As we need to upgrade our knowledge with the time to compete in this world and to secure the job that we are doing right now. Similarly, the electronic devices that we use, need to be upgraded with time, otherwise, the device may stop working or may work slow. The case of Fire Stick remote is very similar.  There are various other reasons for upgrading the device that I have described in this article that you are going to read very soon.

Fire Stick remote not working
Fire Stick remote not working

These were some of the reasons that are responsible for the problem “The Fire Stick remote working slowly or not working”. I hope that you may have better understand the possible reasons for the problem to occur.

Now it’s time to see how to fix the Fire Stick remote not working issue. Applying these methods that I have mentioned below will not only make the remote to work again for your Fire Stick, but they will also increase the life of your Fire Stick remote and the Fire Stick. So, you should understand these methods very carefully.

  1. If the metallic strip of your Fire Stick remote is broken then what you can do, is either to repair the remote through metallic soldering or as the last option you may need to buy a new remote.
  2. You should always make sure that the distance between the Fire Stick and the Fire Stick remote should not exceed the distance of 30 feet.
  3. You should use the original remote.  To identify whether the remote you have bought is original or not though not so easy but not impossible too.  You just have to follow the guidelines that I am providing here you with some common sense, you may easily the whether the remote that the seller selling to you, is original or the clone.
  4. You should know the lowest market price of the product. If the seller if selling you the product at the price lower than the LMP, then whether the product may be a clone or the product may have some fault. The minimum price for the Amazon Fire remote as mentioned by the Amazon Company is easily available on the internet.
  5. You should carefully look at the logo and the name. Many a time, the duplicate and the original products have a very little difference between their names and the logo. Careful observation may make things clear for you.
  1. If the reason why the Fire Stick remote not working, is anonymous to you, then you should contact the customer care executive, and you should brief them the issue, they are always ready to help you.
  1. If the unpaired remote is the reason for the Fire Stick remote not working, then you can pair the remote with the method that I have already mentioned above in this article.
  2. You are advised to use the best alkaline battery manufactured from a reputed manufacturer. It will enhance the performance, and the life of your Fire Stick remote and the Fire Stick.
  3. If the Fire Stick is unable to detect the Bluetooth that needs to be detected, then the first solution is to reinserting the battery, and if this does not work then you should consult the customer care executive, and you should ask them for help. Many a time, heavy traffic of Bluetooth connectivity may forbid your Fire Stick to detect the Bluetooth connectivity that needs to be detected.
  1. Many a time, we get confused if a slight fracture or scratch on the remote is whether should be considered as the physical damage that may be responsible for the improper working of the Fire Stick or not. So, let me make the concept clear for you that if you take such a situation in a general term then even a mark of scratch may make the product or the Fire Stick remote considered as Physically damaged, but in a technical point of view, this should not be considered as Physically damaged until it has not any hands in improper working of remote. It is the same as the condition when you have a paper currency note which is a bit torn. If torn currency note is acceptable in the market in the market then you can’t consider it as the tore, but actually, it is in general.
  1. Some other solutions that you can opt to resolve “The Fire Stick not working issue” are to use the compatible remote and to update the software. I have already discussed these two in this article before.
Firestick remote not working
Firestick remote not working

By adopting the methods that I have mentioned above, you can not only repair your Fire Stick remote but also you can avoid such an awkward thing to occur. We love to stay away from diseases rather than to take medicine after falling ill.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick remote not working, may have the reason that the Fire Stick not connecting to WiFi, and it continues until the Fire Stick won’t connect to WiFi. The last option you have, to solve the issue is to reset Fire Stick.

I hope that after reading this article you may have got the answers to these questions.

  1. Why is your Amazon Fire TV remote not working?
  2. Methods to solve the Firestick remote not working.
  3. What is the alternative you have if your Amazon Fire TV stick remote not working?

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Have a good time. 🙂