Netflix Not Working On Smart TV

Netflix Not Working On Smart TV/ LG TV/Sony TV/Samsung TV

Netflix on Smart Phone
Netflix on Smart Phone

Netflix not working on smart TV is quiet irritating through which one can experienced irrelevant problem. Smart TV help you to admittance movies and programmed from various sources. Android TV allows you to install android app by which you can access all your favorite TV programmer. Netflix is one such movie serving enterprise which is set up in America. Netflix is quiet an old company which is first setup as movie and cassette sell on rent. Slowly with the growing era they had finally established itself as a movie streaming company. They had help people to access movie on their smart phones as well. One can stream Netflix on smart TV as it is available in most of smart TVs. However like other gadgets it’s also has some defects equivalent to it.

Below we have mentioned the cause as well as procedure to solve out the problems/ issues:

Netflix Not Working On Samsung TV
Netflix Not Working On Samsung TV

Issues of Netflix on Smart Phone
The problem you may face at the initial stage while opening an account , one may also face some sort of problem while signing up and putting password and the main reason is VPN i.e. Dns that access to unlock blocked channels and enable users to enjoy all the web series or movies without any interference.

Solution: fixation Of the Problem

Setting up Netflix Account
This is the initial stage where users may face problem while first setting Netflix account. It is though not a big problem but still it happens with many users .Below are some of the steps by which you can solve it out.

  • Open Netflix App
  • Snap on “Start your free month” from the landing screen of Netflix app on your smart TV
  • Enter your email id and password to sign up
  • Choice a Subscription Option for your plan.
  • Offer Payment Information.
  • Configure your account.

It is quiet easy to follow. However if then also problem still resist one can connect to Netflix Customer Support for their help.

Reset Your Netflix Password

Reset Your Netflix Password

If the username and password are not working to access Netflix online. You have the option to reset your Netflix password through Forget Password option where you can access your account back.

  • Connect Sign in button to go sign in page.
  • Enter Username and Password that you remember.
  • Tick on Forget Password option to reset the password.
  • Chart the onscreen instructions to finish resetting password.

Configure DNS Settings
A virtual private network, better known as VPN, enables you to spoof your IP address. It means, VPN allows you to change and even hide your IP address. Once you install VPN, you will be able to choose from a list of servers from around the world.

Qualities of VPN
Instant Video, and Hulu Plus.
VPN enables you to go online anonymously and therefore prevents websites from tracking your traffic.
Most Smart TVs are not VPN compatible. In this case, make sure you own a VPN enabled router, to allow your Smart TV to use the Internet connection.


  • Button off your TV and ISP Router.
  • Then Switch on your television and Router too after some time.
  • Check Advanced Network Settings on your Smart TV to check if you are connected to the internet through a router or not.
  • Tick on Smart Button your Remote.
  • Go to Settings now and click the network option.
  • Choose the Network connection you are using.
  • Click Edit and then Uncheck “Set Automatically.”
  • Change the DNS and follow the instruction to overcome the Netflix Not Working Problems on Smart TV

For more information contact our Netflix Customer Service number.

Things to Do If Netflix Doesn’t Work On Your LG Smart TV

What happens when Netflix isn’t functioning on your LG Smart TV? Furthermore, for what reason would this service be hindered by any means? Here’s a brisk manual for what’s going on and what you can do to return to streaming:

  1. Update your firmware

Applications and firmware update altogether independently, so it’s conceivable your Netflix application naturally updated while your TV firmware hasn’t. This should all typically happen naturally, however, sometimes something fizzles. For this situation, you’ll need to go in and upgrade your firmware to keep it perfect with Netflix.

  1. Check your internet connection

If your web association isn’t working, clearly your applications won’t either. See and ensure your LG smart TV is associated with your home Wi-Fi. If it is yet Netflix still isn’t reacting, reset your modem and router. This basically includes unplugging the two gadgets and abandoning them off for two minutes or increasingly, at that point betraying.

In the event that the issue holds on, you can be sensibly certain that it is anything but a network issue — except if the lights on your modem demonstrate an issue, in which case you should contact your ISP.

  1. Reset the gadget

It sounds like a platitude, yet you’ll really need to go a little past unplugging your TV if the various alternatives fizzle. We’re talking full plant reset.

  1. Reinstall Netflix

Caches and files can end up degenerate, and this may be what’s meddling with Netflix. Try not to stress, however. It’s truly not as terrible as it sounds and just necessitates that you uninstall the application and reinstall it once more.

What’s more?

Have you experienced any issues outside of this rundown? Is it safe to say that they were hard to explain? Tell us what different hiccups are out there in the remarks beneath.