Amazon Fire Stick Not Connecting To the Internet: Solutions Explained

In case you find your Amazon fire stick not connecting to the internet or you find some troubles while connecting it to Wi-Fi, you can opt for the solutions that have been mentioned below in this blog. Let’s get started.

Amazon Fire Stick Not Connecting To the Internet
Amazon Fire Stick Not Connecting To the Internet

Check your server details
In case you are seeing an error in your Wi-Fi password or getting issues in entering that password, remember that:

  • Passwords are always case-sensitive.
  • The Wi-Fi password should not be same as the Amazon account’s password.
  • Ensure to enter special characters and numbers accurately so you don’t face any trouble while entering your password.


Check your internet connection

You may have issues with your internet connection as well. The Fire TV device boasts the network status tool for helping you diagnose your connection issues and know how to solve them.

In order to utilize this tool, choose Settings and next, Network option from the Fire TV menu, and finally, tap Play/Pause button on your remote.

Then this tool ensures that the device is connected to the chosen network.  Having an active internet connection. It explains every connection issue, with suggested solution steps to be tried.If this process doesn’t work, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for further info or Amazon fire stick support.
Check the setup of your device
Move your router, fire TV device or modem away from any physical object that can block the Wi-Fi signal, particularly home entertainment centers or enclosed cabinets. To prevent this intrusion, move the device away from any type of electronic device.

You are suggested to use the HDMI adapter or extender incorporated with the Fire TV Stick. It optimizes the device’s physical location and enhances Wi-Fi connectivity in case you find your Amazon Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi. Ensure using this adapter incorporated into your device for the utmost functionality. For more information contact Amazon Fire Stick customer service.

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amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection
Amazon Fire Stick Not Connecting To the Wifi

A media streaming device at core, Amazon Fire TV Stick (more commonly known as Fire Stick) is a USB like streaming box, which connects to your television and delivers high definition television via the internet. You can enjoy a number of movies, films, TV series and music through various services like Netflix, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime, etc.

amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection

The device is made for top of the line user experience. It enables you to swap between your favorite applications and allows you to use the smaller TV for other programs. You can also use the mirror option to use the device via your phones and tablets.

However, sometimes you may encounter issues with the device. These errors occur when there are some important update pending, system blocks or power fails. The Amazon Fire Stick is an internet based service and may face some service issues from time to time. If you are having a “we are currently unable to contact our servers” issue, here is what you need to do.
Restore Kodi

In case you are using Kodi Media Center, you can try restoring Kodi to its default settings in order to resolve the issue. Here is how you can restore your Kodi back to default settings.

  • Navigate to Fire TV application settings
  • Select Kodi
  • Select clear all data displayed
  • Let the application be restored to its original settings by launching Kodi

Once you successfully complete restoring the device back to default settings, it will resolve your problems with the Fire TV stick. However, don’t forget to secure your Fire TV with virtual private networks (VPV). This will allow you to download files without any network interference.
Factory reset

If the problem persists, you can resolve the problem by running a factory reset. Although, first you should go and check the available storage. Low storage space is usually the top reason why the Fire Stick acts out. Here is what you need to do.

  • Go to Fire TV settings
  • Select storage

(If the storage space is running low, restore the device back to factory settings)

  • Navigate to Fire TV settings
  • Select or click a button displaying, ‘restore to factory defaults’
  • Click reset button

Once the Fire TV Stick is successfully reset and rebooted back to factory settings, you will have to setup the device all over again. Factory reset removes all user information including preferences, application data and accounts.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working? How To Fix it.

In case you are having problems with the HBO NOW app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV, you must contact the Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service for immediate help. Prior to that, take a look at the below-mentioned steps:

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working
Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working

1. Check your network connection
If you are experiencing poor quality video and its buffering, an unstable or slow network connection may be its reason. To check network status go to settings on your Amazon Fire TV and select Network. Now tap the Play button on the remote for checking the status of the connection.

2. Reboot your device
Disconnect your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV. Disconnect the power from your modem or router. Now reconnect the power to your network devices. Let every device power-up prior to plugging the next. Now connect the fire TV device back in and open HBO NOW app to see whether your issue is solved.

3. Check for software updates
To check software update on your fire TV device, go to Settings, then select Device and now ‘About’. Choose ‘Check for System Update’ to see the availability of an update.

4. Clear the cache
Go to Fire TV homescreen, select Settings, tap Application, and tap Manage All Applications. Now choose HBO NOW from apps’ list. Choose Force Stop and then tap Clear Cache. Now choose Clear Data. Now reboot your fire TV device and then open HBO NOW to check whether the issue is gone.

5. Uninstall & Reinstall HBO NOW App
Go to Fire TV home screen, select Settings, tap Application, and tap Manage All Applications. Now choose HBO NOW from apps’ list.Choose Force Stop and then tap Uninstall. Now download and reinstall the HBO NOW app from the Amazon App Store.

For further Amazon Fire Stick Support, contact the customer service representative right away.

How to Fix It When the Amazon Fire TV Remote is Not Working

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working

Heading out for options and menus on your Amazon Fire TV is just utilizing the remote of the Fire TV. However, in case the remote grows an issue, it becomes hard to input guide into the Fire TV device. In fact, the module itself doesn’t feature any particular button for it.

Troubleshooting Amazon Fire Stick remote not working issue is not that tough. You can simply get rid of the issue by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Hold the Home button
Hold the Home button on your remote for around 10 seconds. After this, sit tight for two or three minutes previously attempting to utilize the remote once more. This will re-introduce the Bluetooth association with the Fire TV module and begin your remote. If there were any glitches in the association, restarting will settle the issue.

2. Check the battery
Open the battery cover at the back of your remote. Take the batteries out and supplant them with another set. Close the top once more. One of the principle reasons the Fire TV remote may not work is the batteries may be dead. If that is the situation, the issue ought to be settled.

If your batteries are genuinely new, open the back top and take them out. Have a go at changing their positions, and set them back in. If the batteries were not situated or associated appropriately, your remote will begin working at this point.

3. Power cycle
Unplug the power association with your Fire TV module. To do this, evacuate the USB association that is fueling the module. If there is an issue in framework design, persuasively re-beginning your Fire TV ought to eradicate the transitory memory and information log, along these lines beginning a new Bluetooth association with the remote.

Your Fire TV remote must be fully operational at this point.