Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On issue? 6 Methods You Must Try

Is your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On ? Is the black screen of your device giving you a hard time? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Black screens on Kindle devices are common, lucky for you, it is also one of the minor and easily resolvable issue.

There are many reasons why your device could stop working properly. It would be unfair to point fingers to any one of them before inspection of each device. Often, it is the overflowing data on the device making it slower. Other times, it is a start-up or display issue.

Kindle Won’t Turn On? How to Reboot

One of the first thing you should try doing in case you are having a problem with your smart devices, is reboot them. Rebooting the device is one of the most effective and common troubleshooting method you can try.

Simply press and hold the ‘Power’ button of Kindle Fire for 40 seconds. OK, release the button after 40 seconds. Now, press and hold the ‘Power’ button of your Kindle Fire for 40 seconds again to turn it on. If the start-up screen appears, your Kindle device will turn on, if not, repeat the process 2-3 times.

Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On
Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On? How to Charge

Often, we forget to charge up our Kindle devices and think it is having a problem when kindle doesn’t turn on. It is one of the most common user complain about the device. Users even say, the device at times goes through the battery like a hot knife through butter. This unexplained battery problem has troubled more than just a few users so far. Therefore, in case your device is simply drained of its juice, charge the device before you start troubleshooting the device or call up the customer support.

Volume Down Button (For 5th Generation only)
This troubleshooting method is specifically for the 5th generation Kindle Fire devices. If your Kindle Fire doesn’t turn on, you can try pressing down and holding the “Power” and “Volume down” buttons together for 5 seconds. This will turn on the 5th generation Kindle Fire devices.

kindle touch won’t turn on, How to Reset

When rebooting and charging your device doesn’t help resolve your issues, you can reset your Kindle Fire device and put it in the condition it was when you first unwrapped it. This will take care of most of your problems, simply follow the instructions.

Make sure you have a backup for all your important files and other data. If you don’t have a backup, save all your important data on your computer or cloud.
To reset your Kindle Paperwhite.

  • Open Kindle
  • Go to Home
  • Select Menu
  • Tap More icon
  • Select Settings
  • Tap Menu
  • Select Reset Device

This will initiate the resetting process. Wait for your device to restart. Check and setup your device, sign in to your account and enjoy the rejuvenated device speed.

Kindle touch won t turn on, How to Update Software

In case your device is having problems turning on or working properly, you should try updating your device to the latest software. All you need to do is put your device to Recovery Menu to restore and install the latest Software.

kindle will not turn on then Try our blog Useful Methods

Undoubtedly, Kindle Fire is an amazing tablet but it still can experience issues. There are many users of Kindle Fire who lodged complaints against the device in the customer service center. And the kindle fire hd wont turn on is one of the most common problems these days.

Let’s have a look at basic methods which will help you fix your Kindle Fire won’t turn on:

  1. Connect your Kindle Fire to a charger

Sometimes people forget to charge their device and find the battery is dead. This is why Kindle Fire doesn’t switch on. You must charge the device for almost 20 minutes so it can display the charging animation on your device’s screen. If it shows the same, that means the battery is drained and needs almost 1-2 hours of complete charge. And turn it on after it’s done with charging the device. If kindle doesn’t show charging, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Disconnect the charger from the power outlet and plug it in a different outlet.
  • Use another charger if it doesn’t work.
  • You can try a power bank to charge the battery.
  • Connect with a desktop/laptop USB for charging.
  1. Soft reset your Kindle

Soft reset process can troubleshoot if my kindle touch won t turn on. Follow the steps mentioned below to reset the device through the Power button:

  • First, switch off the device and make it turned on then.
  • Continue holding the Power button for at least 40 seconds.
  • Leave the button after it gets turned off.
  • Now repeat the process again for turning on the device.
  1. Factory reset your device from the Recovery menu

This is for the advanced users. If you cannot contact kindle support and want to do it on your own, follow the steps given below:

  • Switch off your device.
  • Press and hold Power and Volume Up buttons after 1 minute for at least 45 seconds.
  • You will find options like the Factory Reset and Wipe Data.
  • Select button or touch won’t work in the recovery menu. Hence, click the volume buttons for going to this menu.
  • During changes in the selection, you will find the color menu highlighted.
  • Continue navigating till the Factory Reset or Wipe Data option doesn’t appear.
  • After the option appears, click the Power button.
  • This will erase all data of your device, making it as new.
  • Now reboot the device.
  • It should switch on now and work perfectly.
  1. Contact Kindle customer service center

If all your efforts go in vain and still you experience that the Kindle Fire won’t turn on, you are recommended to contact Kindle phone number since they take better care of these devices. They can replace or repair your device if it is under warranty. If it’s not under warranty, they will help you, receiving a nominal cost from you.

You may sell your defective device and purchase a new one if you don’t want to waste time or money on it.

Why my Kindle not turning on

The Kindle e-reader by e-commerce giant Amazon has become an inseparable part of many heavy readers’ life. Kindle is being used, equally, by kids and adults. In fact, the easy to use interface of the device has helped the company break grounds with senior citizens and digital illiterates. That is all the more reason Kindle not turning on is such a big deal.

Using the device is one thing, but not everyone can troubleshoot it when it starts having problems. Almost every single Kindle user must have encountered the Kindle fire not turning on issue. Since the device has such a diverse user base, there needs to be a liaison for the technically lacking users. This platform, fortunately, is that string of hope for you. If your Kindle is not turning on, we can help you resolve it. Simply follow the instructions below:

Reset Kindle

Mostly, when your Kindle does not turn on, it does not necessarily mean that your device is broken. Your device is most likely stuck on the start-up. This can interrupt the device from stating up. One of the easiest solutions for this issue is resetting the Kindle. By resetting the device, you clear all the troublesome backdrop data from the device. You can reset the device by pressing and holding the power button for around 20 seconds. Then press the power button again to turn on the device. This should reset your device. If your Kindle still does not turn on, try holding the power down button for more than 30 seconds to reset. This resolved the problem in most cases.

Factory Reset

In case your Kindle is still not working, you can soft reset your device to fix the issue. While you can clear data for individual application, but when your device is not even turning on, you need to factory reset the device. To reset your device to factory settings, tap on Quick Settings >More>Device> Reset to Factory Defaults. This will remove all the data present on your Kindle including account settings, preferences, installed applications and the data within.

Before you reset the device, make note of backing up all the important data on the Amazon cloud. Although, you will be able to download the books or apps you purchased from Amazon.

Replacing or recharging battery

Another common reason why Amazon Kindle may not turn on is battery issues. Either your device battery is out of power or lived through its life. First, plug your device into the charger and leave it for a few hours. When the battery is completely drained, you need to leave the device for some time to charge up before you can use it. Make sure your charger is working. Check the charger and that it is connecting to the device. Turn on your device once it is charged. If it is still not working, try resetting it again. When the device is still not turning on, there is a possibility that the device battery is broken. You can change the battery; all you need is a mini screw driver and a new Kindle battery.

Contact customer service

When all fails, you can rest assured Amazon’s top of the class customer support will help you through the issue. If you cannot fix your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On issues, get your device bill out, check if the device is still under warranty and give a call to the Customer Service to get assistance with the device.

Kindle is an entertainment device people use to read books, articles etc. But what good is the device when it doesn’t work in the first place. When all fails, you can always fall back on to the hard working customer service representatives at the Amazon customer support.

If the troubleshooting methods above don’t help, you can reach out to the Amazon customer support helpline number for assistance. The service reps will help you navigate through the issues with your Kindle.