No sound on Firestick

No sound on Firestick

No sound on Amazon firesticks is a common issue that most users often encounter. It is a problem that is often created due to multiple reasons. Firstly these issues are happened due to fire stick volume not working, cable connection is faulty, software version not updated and many more. Before explaining further, let’s look at some of the common issues faced by users for no sound on firestick.

Whenever you start watching TV program the device turns on, the video works well. However, the audio fails to get going and causes disturbance in your viewing. No sound on Amazon fire stick is a standard set of problems that need to resolve with many proven tips. Since your only HDMI and TV receiver is commonly connected to a fire stick, it can settle, and you can enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing.

How do I fix the Fire Stick 4k no sound?

These days there are great demands of the Amazon Fire Stick. You can almost access any TV content and enjoy daily soaps or TV programs with ease. It is also true that while watching TV content on Amazon, fire Sticks can suddenly cause signal problems resulting in inconvenience to viewer’s interest. These problems you can resolve by yourself at your home. However, you need to know why the problem often occurs and how to fix the issues successfully.

Fix the firestick 4k no sound issues?

 You can easily practice following steps to see any improvement in sound receiver

  • Unplug  firestick power sources
  • Wait for 30 -40 seconds to check the power back  the plug in
  • Set audio setting in default mode
  • Check if the audio on your TV is not muted
  • Connect the A/V receiver  to the fire TV and turn it on
  • Go to TV menu and select audio

It is not a big deal to resolve firestick 4k sound problem. If the problem continually persists then you have to do following thing to solve the audio problem

  • Go to  home screen and search for settings
  •  You will get sound and display option
  •  Next click to audio option
  • Go to Dolby digital output and sound navigation
  • Turn of Dolby digital output  and turn on receiver  sound on

Why does my Fire Stick not have sound?

If your audio worked earlier and now not working correctly, it is better to unplug your power and plug it back in. Sometimes the problem can happen in’s firestick itself. Some of the reasons like faulty output connection, broken hardware, old and outdated cables and wires and volume software issues. These are the most frequent issues in Amazon fire stick no sound cases. You can do other methods like plug the firestick power supply directly into an electrical outlet to improve sound receiving.

You can also restart the device, power it off, and power it back on. Try these couple of tips and check the sound issues by yourself. Your firestick device does not experience sound problems due to muted TV audio. Double-check the TV to see the audio not muted. Press the mute button and see your firestick working correctly.

Here are more steps to fix Firestick no sound issues

For TV viewers, it must be annoying to see the problem in the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Due to this, your daily entertainment hangs on the dependency on firestick, which often faces issues like no sound in firestick device. Due to this, Amazon firestick the sound stopped working, and the user faced difficulty resolving it permanently. You can also read in case the Firestick won’t connect to wifi and Fire Stick remote not working.

Why is there no sound on my firestick?

It is a common type of issue faced by many users at some point in time. No sound from Firestick is a temporary problem solved with doing some basic required steps. For the volume on your TV, you can press the up volume button on your TV remote and make sure the volume remains above 0. You also have to ensure sound settings are correct on the TV and receiver. You can also try an optical audio cable to properly work and give you a better TV viewing experience.

If your TV has more than one HDM1 port, then move your firestick to another HDM1 port for higher efficiency and extended benefits. Most TV settings have features like a TV speaker on and off. Checking all cable connections is essential and needs to give top priority. It is also noted that firestick devices or apps you are using encounter glitches that affect the sounds or mute sound. The solution for this is to close all apps you installed, and it is advisable to restart your firestick.

How do I turn off the clicking sound on my fire stick?
  • You can do couple of steps to turn off your firestick audio like go to home screen on your amazon fire TV device and select device.
  • Under display and sounds click on audio
  • Go to navigation  sounds and switch  it off

After doing these steps you should switch off the clicking sound successfully.

Audio receiver is powered off

To check that your AV receiver is powered on, see whether the lights are lit up. If not, press the POWER button and turn on the AV receiver. You can also go to the firestick home screen using the firestick remote. Next, you have to press settings, select display and sounds, then choose Dolby digital output and ensure it is turned off.

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